Privacy statement

International Church The Garden finds it important that care is taken with personal data and that they are well protected. This privacy statement
aims to make clear how we handle personal information that is submitted to have been entrusted to us. We naturally comply with the rules that apply, such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

The careful handling of your data entails the following:

  • We do not request more personal information from you than necessary for a good one fulfilment of our objectives for your membership of our community;
  • Processing of personal data is only done in accordance for the purpose for which they were provided to us;
  • If this is necessary for the processing of your personal data, we will ask you express permission;
  • No personal data is provided to third parties, persons and organizations provided, unless this is necessary for the purpose for which you submit your personnel data has given us;
  • That we recognize your rights with regard to the personal data you provide respect, such as the right to access, correction, oblivion and data portability;
  • Our organization, including the technical infrastructure, is such arranged that the security of your personal data is guaranteed.

Special personal data

Special personal data are sensitive data, for example about ethnic origin, health and religion. International Church The Garden does not process special personal data, unless this is strictly necessary. In that case, explicit permission requested to be allowed to access those special personal data process.

Groups of people whose personal data are being processed

  • Regular visitors
    Data is processed for the purpose of providing regular services visitors (invitations, information provision) and administrative purposes. The basis is the permission given for the personal data to be allowed
  • Employees and volunteers
    Data is processed to implement work or work volunteer agreement. The basis is the employment contract or the volunteer agreement.
  • Suppliers
    Data is processed to execute the order and administrative purposes. The basis is the agreement.
  • Interested people / connections
    Data is processed to be able to contact those who are interested in the activities of International Church The Garden, but none be a regular visitor. The basis is the permission given to the to process personal data.

Home Groups (connect and interest groups)

In order to take good care of the people in our Home Groups, we note the presence of the participants. We record the personal data if you have a become a permanent member of a group.

Persons younger than 16 years

International Church The Garden only processes personal data from persons younger than 16 as the parent, caregiver or legal representative gives written permission for this.

Our newsletter

In order to send our newsletter, we need personal information. You register this data when you register as a subscriber to the newsletter. We request the following information:

  • First name;
  • Surname and insertion;
  • Email address.

Unsubscribing as a subscriber is always possible. In that case, your personal data will be removed from the our database.


International Church The Garden places image material (for example in the form of photos and video recordings) on our website or flyers or newsletter or social media, such as Facebook, Instagram, usually related to our church services. If you object to this, you can contact us at

Providing data to third parties

Our starting point is that we do not provide personal data to third parties unless this is necessary to realize the purposes for which they are ours provided. Third parties to whom we pass on data are:

  • The agency that handles our financial administration;
  • The agency that takes care of our database;
  • The agency that is responsible for planning the services, teams and teams
    group overviews;
  • The agency that distributes the newsletters;
  • Bodies that may request information based on legal provisions (e.g. the tax authorities and the judiciary).

We conclude a contract with external parties to whom personal data are provided processor agreement. This agreement aims to protect your guarantee personal data. Personal data required for our teams, groups, planning
services and other related matters are exceptionally provided to third parties outside the European Union, with the aim of realizing it

Retention periods

International Church The Garden does not store personal data for longer than is necessary for the purpose for which it was provided or is required by law.

The security of your data

International Church The Garden makes every effort to protect your personal data so that your data is used incorrectly. The measures we have taken include:

  • All persons who have access to your personal data on behalf of International Church The Garden are bound to secrecy.
  • All (IT) systems are provided with access security;
  • We use encryption of personal data if there is reason to do so;
  • All directors and employees (paid and volunteers) are informed about the importance of protecting personal data and have signed a confidentiality agreement if necessary;
  • Measures taken are periodically tested and evaluated.

Storing data outside the European Union happens in exceptional cases.

Your rights

You always have the right to inspect, rectify or delete the personal data we have received from you. It is possible to object to the processing of your personal data by us or our processors. Finally, you can request us to transfer your personal data to yourself or to another party designated by you (data portability).

You can always withdraw previous permission that you have given to process your personal data at the time you require. We ask you to do this in writing or by e-mail.


If you have a complaint, please report it to us as soon as possible. We will contact you directly to discuss your complaint and find a solution together. If this is unsuccessful, you have the opportunity to submit a complaint to the Dutch Data Protection Authority.

Questions or remarks?

You may have questions or comments about our privacy policy. If this is the case, you can contact us:
International Church The Garden
Mailing address
PO Box 938
1200 AX Hilversum

Hilversum, November 21, 2019