new in the garden church

New in the Garden? You’re most welcome!

We are an international community and have the desire to know more about God and to draw closer to Him.

During the Corona pandemic we meet 2gether at the 2nd Sunday of the month, with 2 services (English & Dutch).

he 1st and 3rd Sunday we meet in smaller groups., we call it “Special Sundays” in which we also open the Greenhouse for special gatherings, max 30 people – to be filled with creative ideas by our HGL and ministry leaders! For example, prayer-meetings or family services or special Bible study.

The 4th Sunday is an Online Service. T You can also check out our YouTube channel for all the services of the past weeks.

Challenged by the corona virus, we discover how to be a church together. Our priority is that we stay connected as a church, that we come together in small groups and that we are a blessing to our community.

Because of the advice from the last press conference (13-10-20) and the current situation regarding Covid, we will need to be even more observant and follow the guidelines. This requires wisdom and using common sense. Thankfully we are not yet in a complete lockdown and we experience The Greenhouse as a real blessing; it offers us the possibility to continue to meet in small groups. And we expect, and want to emphasize, people will take personal responsibility in following the guidelines. (Thus, in the event of mild symptoms or a cold, don’t come to the building, wear face masks, maintain the required distance, etc.)

The Greenhouse is open the coming weeks until further notice, for those who want to come (within the guidelines) – and whoever wants to call or Zoom in during a meeting can do that also.