Our hearts are broken when we see what is going on in the Ukraine. In response to the crisis, International Church The Garden has established a Ukraine working group to coordinate and support refugees. This project team is called ‘Acts of Kindness-Ukraine’ and you can join this group to help.

We are setting up contact with a local church in the Ukraine, located in the city of Kremenuck. This is a city of 300.000 citizens, which thankfully is not under attack. Yet last week alone, already 100.000 refugees arrived.

ICTG is currently supporting in all sorts of ways: via prayer, looking how to host refugees, by giving to our church’s emergency fund for any refugees’ immediate needs, and by giving to the Christelijk Noodhulp Cluster and Christenen voor Israel. You can help.

For more details & information, check out our latest social media posts (Instagram and Facebook).

Pray • Join • Donate • Host

1.  PRAY for peace, for Ukraine and all affected people.
2. JOIN the team ‘Acts of Kindness-Ukraine’ who is currently working to help make an difference and an impact.
3. DONATE to our emergency fund with which we will buy all necessities for refugees that come to our doorsteps.
4. HOST – Let us know if you want to help out by hosting refugees.

We are taking inventory and making a plan.

Some Weekly Prayer Points:

•   Justice to be done
•   That the aggressor will be defeated
•   For the displaced
•   For courage for those who stay
•   For perseverance
•   For hope for the nation Ukraine
•   For churches
•   For community care organizations
•   For wisdom for the leaders nationally and worldwide
•   For wisdom for local leaders in Ukraine; political leaders, church leaders

Ukraine emergency fund: donate 25 euro

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