International Church The Garden is ANBI registered. Since 10 September 2019, gifts are therefore tax deductible.


KvK:   76054381
RSIN:  860491195
Bank: NL20INGB0008291996

International Church The Garden is a registered Church


Denomination International Church The Garden is led by a team of Elders. Due to its independence, the treasurer is not part of the core team and forms an additional function:
E.J. Nooter: Chairman
D. White: Secretary
W. Boer: Treasurer

Remuneration policy

The Elders are not compensated or rewarded for their work. In some situations limited compensation can be awarded if the financial means of the church allow this and only after allocation by the Elders.


We build a church based on the Bible and Jesus to bless the world around us; We are a church where everyone is welcome. We reach out to the people around us and, where possible, serve to make a positive contribution to the community. We bring people together by sharing a meal, helping to bear each other’s burdens, worshipping God, studying the Bible, and helping people grow in their discipleship.
We introduce people to the hopeful message of faith in Jesus Christ. We help them in a practical way through preaching and teaching about various areas of daily life. We provide people in a relevant network of friendly relationships through teams and home groups. We inspire them to look at others in the city and region as well as in the world around us through involvement, practical help and financial support from various charities.

Church activities

The following components are part of church life:

  • Sunday services with a modern welcoming culture and a positive, hopeful message.
  • Home groups: small groups that come together to make the word of Sunday practical, to deepen friendships and to stimulate involvement in each other’s lives.
  • Training: subjects include: basic course Christian faith, leadership, pastoral care, child education, marriage and preparation for it.
  • Youth evenings for different ages: teenagers have their own activities every month. Children’s work during Sunday services.

Policy plan

International Church The Garden is a young congregation, which started Easter 2019. In a short period of time, the congregation has developed with more than 100 regular visitors. We have had a building at our disposal since September 2019. With home groups in which men, women, youth, the elderly and internationals all have their own place, a great solidarity has arisen.
The first few years have been focused to build the foundation of the church so the work can expanded in Hilversum and the surrounding area. A lot of attention is paid to the personal and friendly nature of our church, with the sharing of meals in the home groups and church services having an important place. International Church The Garden is a church in which all generations feel at home. There is special attention for the youth, because there is a large group of young people within the church who come together in their own service. In particular, the international community is awarded because of their special position in the Netherlands; from Expat to asylum seeker or foreigner, internationals are often lonely in the Netherlands or have difficulty making the Netherlands their home.

The reaching out to the people around us is done through a personal invitation from the regular visitors, via the internet through Instagram, Facebook and the website.

Taking care of each other and the world around is a spearhead, whereby we give special attention to those who need it through care and pastoral teams.
The largest activities are the services at Christmas and Easter respectively. Our teams and many volunteers spend a lot of time and energy to make these services and the municipality as a whole a special success.

For 2022 and 2023, further expansion of the congregation is foreseen, whereby larger services are made possible.  Due to the growth of the church, the possibilities for reaching out to the people in Hilversum and the surrounding area are increasing.

Financial responsibility

The required finances are raised by voluntary contributions from regular attenders (partners)  and visitors via bank transfers and collections.

The accounting is assessed by an internal independent audit committee, with a report to the church. The accounting is kept by an independent treasurer in a separate and official accounting package linked to the bank account.

Financial Report

Download our financial report for 2019 here.

Download our financial report for 2020 here.

Download our financial report for 2021 here.